OCR scan all files in a folder

I have a series of images saved to a folder. I want to run all of them through Google Vision Text Detection and compile the results into one single text document. I understand the basics of a For Each activity. But I do not see how to direct the Text Detection activity to run through multiple files, only one image path.

Hi @AdamKA

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Use the Directory.GetFiles(path) to get the path of all images inside the folder

Refer the screenshot below


Here, all the images are inside Images folder.

Replace the path with the path of the folder that contains all the images.

Refer the xaml file

OCR scan all files.xaml (7.0 KB)

Please brother help

see How to make automatic detetcr for media files? - Help / Activities - UiPath Community Forum

This is great, thank you.

I must be missing some activities in my packages. I get a bunch of errors. I may have deleted on by mistake. Can you see which one(s) I need to download?