Occurrences of all the words in a word document


There’s a word document having a paragraph i have to find those words which occur only once in the whole doc,and write it in a .csv .
i even tried splitting the words with spaces and then comparing it one by one , but its not working.
Can anyone help me out how to do this.

You can set these up in Python now that UiPath integrates with it using the InvokePython activity

This looks perfect, it returns a dictionary of all words and their occurrences.

protip #1 you need no programming skills to copy and paste :slight_smile:

actually i did it through Python if you are okay with invoking the python code in uipath i can give it

Yeah sure @ashley11 !!
i will try with that as i couldn’t find any other solution

I’m on Half the way Importing it to the Uipath … give me 5 mins


Yeah sure thanks!!