"Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

Hello there! I am trying to follow up the advanced lessons and there’s a part asking me to do a For each Row inside a Transactions.slsx, the guide ask to try and run it, i assume that it does work but whenever I try it its giving me that error ( tittle)

Hi @Leonardo_Diaz

can you attach a screenshot of the specific activities responsible for the error?


This is whats been show up as an error and as for activities what i am doing is:

Creating a sequence
Read range ( Selecting the correct file and sheet , as showed in the guide there’s no range)

For each row (the dt_transactions its a System.datatable.datatable)

the guide its asking me to also create a Add queue item but its first time i tried it so i dunno if what i am typing in it its correct or not the guide just said to add a name to it

Do you have dt_transactions as the output of the Read Range Activity?

No, its empty i just tried to use the dt_transactions there and it throws me this

Ok, I suppose the output property in the read range was empty, meaning that the read range activity wasn’t filling any dataTable inside your workflow.

So after solving this now we have the dataTable read from the excel and the problem now is in the collection property in the input of the Add Queue Item activity, can you expand the collection and attach a screenshot of it, because there is a column that should be in the input but it is not provided.

As for the Collection i d

o have information inside of it but yet, nothing here is whats inside of

my answer splitted up sorry

" As for the Collection i do have information inside of it but yet nothing, here is whats inside of"

So as the error states, it’s either you don’t have the column OnUsCheck in your dataTable or it is misspelled in the excel, can you check this out please.

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I had an extra space in the second string but now its throwing me this:

I assume it has to do with the Queue name but as i said before i never used this so i have no idea what to type on it, just a string? or it has to be a Var? as a string? i really dont know

  1. You need to Create an account in orchestrator : platform.uipath.com

  2. Connect your machine to a robot in it following these steps : There is no key in orchestrator - #5 by reda

    3 .Create a Queue in the queue tab using the name TransactionQueue