Object reference not set to an instance of an object (web scrapper)

Hi, im having problems creating a scrapper. I get the same error and I can’t find out whats wrong. Can someone give me a hand?

Hi @Povilas_Jonikas,

This error means that the variable you’re referring to is null. Please check that the file you’re reading has data in, if the DataTable is null then it could mean the file is empty

Thanks for the response. It does. My main goal is to create a scrapper, that takes a text from excel, copies it in a specific web, then scrapps a certain text and pastes it in excel. The file that i’m trying to read has close to 60k rows filled with a code in A and B collums, but I’m trying my best, so that the robot would only take a code from b collum and do the procces with him

Try running the process in debug, and looking at the locals panel for null variables.

Thanks a lot for your time, I am just a newborn in UiPath, so there’s still a lot of things that I dont quite understant. It says that dtTopic has a null variable. Can you give me some insight on what’s needed to be there?

A few things to check:

  • Whether your file has data in - you’ve done this already
  • Whether you’re reading the right sheet
  • Whether you’re reading the correct range - I can see you’re specifying B2, this’d be your starting cell. You may be better off specifying A1 or leaving it blank, and then referring to row(1) for column B, row(2) for column C, etc.
  • Whether you’ve specified the correct datatable in the Output section of your Read Range

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