Object reference not set to an instance of an object in gsuite scope

Hi guys,

i am getting the object reference error in gsuite scope for “get mail messages activity”
i have printed all the variables and arguments used in gsuite scope. all values are getting printed. Not sure still why am getting this issue.

Can anyone let me know how to resolve this?

This issue is happening in orchestrator. After i published the process and running in orchestrator while reading the mail inbox ‘get mail messages’ activity is failing with this error


Are you using any variable?

can you show how and what you are trying to use?

we generally get this when we have some variable is having null value


Hi @Anil_G ,

i have printed all the values n args used in gsuite scope. Gsuite Username, password, gsuite userid. All values are printed.

this is not happening in my development environment only on orchestrator