Object reference not set _activity

In my dispatcher iam having config file where the folder url is there i need to pass it inside my activity i have assigned the config file varible name to a variable ,but while executing it shows object reference not set for all activity

Hey @gowtham_tamil could you please try to debug the process and check if the variable have any values.
Possibly object reference not set to an instance of an object error is thrown because of null value in the variable name.

Sreejith S S

Hi @gowtham_tamil
There were several reasons why this error Object reference not set to an instance of an object comes are listed below:

  • The null value of variable or argument
  • A null value for any activity from which you are getting the text from any website.
  • Maybe you have created duplicate variables.
  • Import arguments are not updated.

@gowtham_tamil I think you using variable before value coming in that variable.

Yes have debugged the variable value null

Yes bro the variable is null thats why throwing error try to assign a value to that variable .This issue will be resolved


Sreejith S S

@sreejith.ss have tried debugging i need to get the folder path which i have stored in config file under setting sheet. I have assigned the path to the variable .

Then try to pass like this variable foldername=in_Config(columnname_in_excelsheet).tostring

Also could you provide a screenshot


are you trying to pass the config value in to a invoke workflow
could you please share your xaml file here so that i can help you better


Sreejith S S

That what i have done @sreejith.ss

@sreejith.ss its not possible to share the xaml file

Hey @gowtham_tamil in the config file if you are giving any space between rows try to avoid that

There should not be any space between rows
sometimes that will be the issue

Sreejith S S

Also if you can please provide excel file here