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What is meant by object cloning in UiPath? Are object Cloning and Object repository both are same?

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Object Cloning in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is used to capture objects that use technologies, for example, Flex, Silverlight, Java, or HTML. In Object Cloning, all the object properties and associated data is copied and re-created in its clone

The Object Repository ensures the management, reusability, and reliability of UI elements by capturing them as objects in a DOM-like repository, sharable across projects

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In UiPath, object cloning refers to creating a copy of an object in memory. Object cloning can be useful when you want to create a copy of an object and modify the copy without affecting the original object.

Object cloning is different from the object repository, which is a feature in UiPath that allows you to store and manage objects that you use in your automation projects. The object repository is a way to store information about an object, such as its properties and methods, in a centralized location.

To clone an object in UiPath, you can use the Clone method of the Object class. This method creates a new object that is a copy of the original object.

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