NullReferenceException when trying to get VM List

@andreioros my guess is there are some programmatic-access permissions that are missing. Can you provide some info about this?

@christian.sonntag are you using in the VMwareScope activity the same credentials that you used to authenticate in the vSphere browser client?

Can you please check if Get Host List activity works for you?

@andreioros Yes, I do use the same credentials

@ovidiuponoran Get Host List works :smiley: I receive one host in the array of hosts, with an ID and the IP of my Z-Cluster (i.e.

If the credentials are the same, it’s not a rights issue.

GetHostsList doesn’t need the certificates and it working is a good sign - please make sure you’ve downloaded the certificate from the vcenter (as shown in the image below) and installed them as shown at

I already installed the certificates like shown in the documentation. But I’m having one less file than shown in the GIF:

I have rebooted the machine and checked the certificate in the browser. it seems to be OK there, but I still get an exception in UI Path…