Now.ToString(“d-MMM-yyyy”) is working odd

Hey everyone,

I try to write cell the date of today, I tried, Now.ToString(“d-MMM-yyyy”), its giving 24.35.2020 as output, is there anyother way for me to get date? or can I fix this?


Maybe cell format of your excel can be issue.

when ı do Now.ToString("d-MMM-yyyy hh:mm), its working fine but it writes Nov. as in November I need it to write 11. Other than that is there anyway I can make sure its not about the excel?

if you want to write 11, you need to set format to MM, not MMM

have you tried like this?



It’s working fine for me…

Please go through this

MMM - Nov
MMMM - November
MM - 11

okay, yes I was just playing with it and figured it out

Thank you @Pradeep_Shiv @Mulya_Habibi_Tullah

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