Non-searchable PDF to searchable PDF without the use of 3rd party app

Hi everyone,

One of the steps in a new business proces we are about the automate is the conversion of a non-searchable pdf to a searchable one. Is there a way to do this without the use of any third party application (like Adobe Acrobat Reader DC)? My first gues was to use the OCR activity but this gives back a string, which I cannot export to a PDF. We alreay experimented with Acrobat DC but this is not the finest application to use in combination with UiPath (same issues as already desribed on this forum too).

Thanks a lot!

This custom activity package can help you convert non-searchable pdf to a searchable one:

The prerequisite is that you need to have Acrobat Pro DC installed on your Robot machine.

Thank you Serena. How can I install this in UiPath. I don’t the package

You can download the package from here: