No option for multiple input parameter in UiPath inject java script activity. Parameter holds value from some activity

How to pass multiple parameter in inject javascript input parameter.

Attached code is one way.

Send comma saperated parameters in your Input Parameter attribute and split that in your js file. (2.2 KB)

Thanks for example but in this case “microsoft,google,oracle” this is treated as entire string. I have to pass two variables that carry values from an activity.

how about passing?

variable1.ToString + variable2.ToString ?

By doing so I am unable to read values in java script.

input parameter : variable1.ToString + variable2.ToString

function abs(e,readValues) {

alert is not getting popped.

Works fine for me.Try to figure out whats going wrong on your end.


Great … @vvaidya thankyou…

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@vvaidya How to pass multiple parameters to InjectJavascript activity and how to use those variables in Javascript code.