NLP implementation through Uipath

Hi everyone,

There are many links which are directing to Uipath-NLP forums, Unfortunately there are no practical implementations found to check how Uipath works on NLP

There are many instances where people are giving suggestions of Stanford nlp, IBM, etc; but there are no ways to get API keys for the above

Can you guys help me finding an example of Uipath Implementing NLP


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still didnt get any response guys ?

waiting for your responses

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can you explain what are you trying to do @hemant_6?

You want to use NLP API to fecth data in uipath?

I don’t know what is NLP by the way :slight_smile:

Sure thing @HareeshMR

Let me Expalin NLP first, Natural Language Processing is an intermediate between Humans and Computers. To keep it simple, it runs an algorithm which can detect the language of a person, analyze any statement and classify it as Positive or Negative or Neutral.

What I want to do it, I want to create a bot which performs review analysis of movies and provide me the best movies for this week.

Now you may ask why API’s comes into picture?

You see, when we are dealing with this NLP which is essentially a cloud based, takes in the input of the user and fires a response whether it is positive input or negative( just an example), so without NLP servers and API’s it is really difficult to incorporate a Uipath Bot which implements NLP.

I hope this makes clear

Yeah @hemant_6

Thank you for the clear explaination :slight_smile:

Still a question, if the NLP API is cloud based and the server will be running there, we can use the URL or API from anywhere if it is a public server or if it has public IP. Then why don’t we use the API directly?

As you have mentioned, without NLP servers, it is difficult, You mean we need NLP server again in the local to call API ?

Can you please explain. The thing is, if we can call the API of the cloud NLP server, we can directly call those in postman and UiPath also. Do we really need NLP client again in the local?

Most of the NLP are cloud based but there are many other NLP activities like stanfordNLP, googleNLP in packages

Can we use Postman using Uipath ?

We cannot use the API’s, since they are not available, that is the reason for starting this conversation, to solve this we need to know the NLP API’s, how to get access of those, where can we find those API’s. This is the question all about :slight_smile:

Could you help me with this one thing, Can we implement NLP activities using Uipath

This is strange. If we know the URL and the input parameters we need to pass, then we can send the request @hemant_6 otherwise how can we get the required data and the corresponding response :slight_smile:

Check if you find any documentation related to this

Please check with this