Nlog.config keeps getting reset

I haven’t found anything similar to this but I also cannot find information to explain it.

My nlog.config is configured to send logs to a second file with formatting appropriate so FluentD can pick it up and relay it to my aggregator. I’ve had this working for months now. Sometime last week the file was spontaneously reset to default. I went and re-modified the files and less than a day later they’re reset again.

This can’t really be an issue with my VMs because the other config file I created on the vm, the one that directs FluentD to send the file, remains as it was.

Im trying to figure out how or why we’re experiencing this because we’re going to have to wind up creating a bot to update the file or something just to get it to stick

Hi @Joshua_Rowlison ,

How is your robot installed? Are you a community user? If so, it should be possible that when updating the Robot from one version to another the nlog.config to be overidden.


I’m not using community, I’m not sure what you mean about robot installation.

We haven’t upgraded it recently, it seems to keep resetting in the middle of the night, all at once across 10 machines.

What’s really annoying is that I’m increasingly certain it’s not on my end because other config on the same machines is unaffected.

If you’re not a community user then, have you opened a support ticket?

I did shortly after creating this as a first step, I’m still working on the issue with them.

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Please come back with the solution after you validate it with the support team. Thanks!