New Line Problem in HTML Table

Hello. I have a data table which has multiple lines in some cells. I used program below to turn this data table to HTML table, but this program changes every text in cells into one line, new lines disappears, all values become one line. How can I solve this problem?

The code part which gets the cell text is below:

String.Format(“{0}”, row(data.ColumnName).ToString)

Give a try to replace the Linebreaks from Origin cell Text with <br>
IT should be doable with the replace method

Thank for your reply. Now, I think my first message doesn’t have enough info about problem. I have also solve the problem even if I am not sure it is a good way of solving it. My table code is like here:

<table border=1>
    <td>Anna Dewitt</td>
      02.09.1992 12.09.1993
      13:10 11:00

I changed the <td>Anna Dewitt</td> part with <pre><td>Anna Dewitt</td></pre> and it is solved.

I think I can’t use <br> in lines cause lines actually comes from excel macro. I use vbCrLf in macro for new line.

lets assume following excel input:

we do have a linebreak in the cell

After readin with read range we get it as following:

The windows Linebreaks with Environment.NewLine are the composition of \r\n
so a replace using \r\n = Environment.NewLine will fail.

But following code does the replace: