New exception not seen before related to Windows "shellexperiencehost.exe"

Has anyone else ever recieved the following exception when using UI Automation:

Cannot bring the target application in the foreground. The action was blocked by the current foreground window 'New notification' from the process 'shellexperiencehost.exe.'

The REF screensnap isn’t showing anything immediately related to a Windows notification on screen. This does not mean it was not there for a brief period of time just the screen snap did not capture anything resembling a Windows notification popup.

10 robots, thousands of jobs over the last 1.5 years and first time I have seen this exception.

I don’t have a solution but recently ran into this problem myself. Were you able to nail down a cause and/or solution?

You are the first reply to this question. So far only hit it once.

I have not done it yet but thinking disabling app notifications within Setting → Windows Notifications may help.