Need to Preserve the bold format of text & write

Hi Team,

I have a requirement, where i am reading a word document having text in bold format with read text activity.

When i am trying to write the text in notepad the bold format is missing out and it simply writes the text.

Eg:- Data in file is hi team
But while writing in notepad giving hi team as output.
Please help as i need to preserve the bold format of text.


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Buddy @ronak_94

I tried with this scenario buddy
but i m getting the word with right format buddy and i usedthis activity buddy to get the text from the word document

Cheers buddy
Kindly try this and let know buddy if you face any issue with this

Buddy @ronak_94 here is the xaml i used buddy (11.0 KB)

Hope this would help you, or kindly revert back any queries

Hi @Palaniyappan,

Thank you so much for the response.

Can you please try entering some simple and bold text in the word and using message box to see the same, typing into notepad or into console.
Because for me its not working.


There is no bold formatting in Notepad, so you can not, nor manually, nor with UiPath

Hi @c.ciprian,

Thanks for the response.
However, I have to read the data from word and enter to IBM lotus notes for sending an email.

Can you please suggest how can i preserve the bold format of text.


buddy again i tried
it worked @ronak_94

No, there is no possibility to get the format. Just plain text

@Palaniyappan there is no way that this would work. You are copying the text, which is a simple task. @ronak_94 wants to get the format (i.e. bold) and type the text as bold in another app (i.e. Lotus notes)


NO i m not copying,
i get the text the from word with get text…;thats how @ronak_94 gave the requirement and thats how i did,
if you want you can refer the previous comment with attached xaml

@Palaniyappan please read again

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Any resolution for this? I too am facing a similar issue. Need the format (bold/italics) to be retained while typing into another application.

Didn’t find any solution to preserve the bold format of the text.

Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for checking!

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