Need to iterate through two input excel and provide output excel

I have one business requirement, where I have been given two input excel files. You can see the below input files (dummy data are provided into the excel)

This is input excel file1

This is input excel file2

Now the bot needs to check the first input file and check the each value of Relevant Controls column, and then checks the second file where it checks in which sheet name that control name is present, and after when it is found then in that particular sheet it will check in which column that ‘X’ is present. At last add these column names in a separate excel output file.

Output Excel file

As you can see in the second file the number of columns (columns which are M.034, M.087 etc) are keep changing in different sheets.

Any suggestion on this ?

I have added the two input files and output file for reference.
inputFile1.xlsx (8.7 KB)
inputFile2.xlsx (12.0 KB)
outputFile.xlsx (10.9 KB)


To achieve this you need to build a logic by practicing the code flow. Below is logic for your scenario.

  1. Fetching the relevant controls from input1.
  2. Looping all the worksheets in input2 with all the relavent controls.
    (repeat the below steps for all the available worksheets)
  3. Filter the rows which have relevant control and store it in a temp DT.
  4. Loop the temp DT for value of X and store the filtered result in outputDT.

Main.xaml (17.7 KB)

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Hi, Thanks for the reply, can you please send me the whole project which you have developed, I am having issue with the main file so could you please zip the project and attach it here.

Thanks in advance.

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