Need to extract the specific string from a unstructured data

INPUT :- 1-PEPPAYACCTG QUEUE GL Reconciliation: CORP 2010607 Misc. Withholding - Long Term Savings P12 2018
2- PEPPAYACCTG QUEUE GL Reconciliation: FLNA 00010-000001 Cash Clearing Account P01 2019
Hello All, my input is mentioned above and I need to extract “P12 2018” from the from string , here the string length is not constant and the data i need to extract that is “P12 2018” can be like “P01 2017” or “P02 2019” etc

@Karan28 Use regular expression to get the data Refer here



Use Regular Expression to achieve this. You can test here.


pls send me the link to test it


Sorry forgot to send link. Try in below site.

Thankyou brother got the pattern . how to display matches activity out in variable or message box?

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matchingValues = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Matches(inputText,“P\d{2} \d{4}”)

Where matchingValues variable is of type System.Text.RegularExpressions.MatchCollection and then use For Each loop to iterate that collection variable and print one by one matching value.

I have used the for each row and have the input string in the variable , then I have used the matches activity .
In matches activity I have used you regex pattern and got the output as IE numerable collection.
how can I display this output in the msg box to see the extracted string?


Please find the attached workflow for your reference. use For Each loop instead of For Each Row loop. (2.7 KB)

Laksham why you havn’t used the matches activity?

In my workflow I have extracted the excel column values using read range in a variable which contains string on which i have to apply the reges , please see that in the screenshot provided


See this. I used it.


but can you help me with the way I developed the code?

I got this as the output is message box

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