Need to calculate the days differs


In above days whole January,February and 20 days of March is covered

So my output should be 31 for January
28 for February and 20 for March how to implement in code

We use the strings for conversion to DateTimes and can do then the calculation

for a month split output a construction via loop could be the first start for the solution approach

Can you please explain briefly about the month split

sure, let us know which detail output format / datatype you are looking for

Output format should be as integer

Any solution for this

Hello @sruthesanju

You can try with Modify Date activity.


I need to find the number of days between two days

Need to split the days as since it has full January so output should be as 31
and February so output ebe 28
And it has 20 days of March so output should be 20

My output:31 28 20

Hi @sruthesanju

I have responded to your questions in the below post created by you.
Please let me know if you have different requirement.

How to count number of dates between two dates

That is for same month
If I get different month the I need to split based on the months

I have created a workflow to perform splitting of the month

Output 1:


Output 2:

Date_Calculator_2.xaml (14.4 KB)

If you have any issues with the attached workflow. then please share the error screenshot.


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