Need Poc to learn document understanding

Hi all,
I am looking for a good Poc to learn and have hands on development for document understanding .
Help me with some good poc’s

Thanks in advance :+1:t2:

HI @sheetal_Bora

Have a look on the documentation


I have completed this training in uipath academy but need use cases to sharp my skilles

Hi @sheetal_Bora


Hi @sheetal_Bora ,

Have you Checked on some of the use cases Present in the Use Case Repository?

Also, For a Start if you do have Documents or Images of a Certain Document Type or even if you do not have, we could easily get sample documents from the Internet.

You could then practice performing the Types of Extraction that was introduced - Form Extractor, Regex Extractor, Intelligent Form Extractor and Machine Learning Extractor.

The Sample workflows Should already be available in the Studio → Templates → Document Understanding Process


Some Sample Examples are provided to work with.