Need Only Name Using String Manipulation

Hi, I have extracted the complete data but I need only the Yellow Marked Name how to use string operation to get this name only. I have extracted the completed text as shown in the image from “billed to” to “Po Number”.



Just Play with the Index Value to get the desired Output.

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@Vijay_Tulsalkar Thnaks for the quick response. BTW I need only Cecilia Chapman.

hello @balkishan
you can split the string based on the Newline character (Environment.Newline)
then simply store the output of the split into a array(type string).
by using index you will get the exact Name.

@balkishan Her you go with xaml file

Split.xaml (4.8 KB)

Hi @balkishan,

If you know regular expressions also you can do it easily.

I have no idea about the regular expression.

Hi @balkishan,

Using regex we can get data easily.
Please find the reference for that using regular expressions

To get the data - Cecilia Chapman

@varunk I want to get this address yellow colored marked. How can I do it. I don’t have idea about the regext. bcz I didn’t use regext.

Hi @balkishan,

Is that constant,can you share your input file
I can hep you

No it’s dynamic It’s changing on every new invoice bro

Hi @balkishan,

Can you share invoice