Need help want to enter all the months in same attached format supposed using counter

Hi @Ravi_Shirsath
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please find the attached workflow
Main.xaml (15.5 KB)

Hi Sangeetha it’s showing missing or invalid activity

Update or downgrade your system package otherwise I Will send the screenshot al

Actually I want to write this specific sheets with months as given format with write cell activity using counter to loop next column…
As attachment need same result, i don’t want to write cell by specific intedx like “A1” it should take to next by counter

Hi @Ravi_Shirsath ,

Could you give us a more Descriptive info on How are you getting this output ? What is the Input here and what is the condition to apply ?

Not getting input my task in only to write the sheet with this month’s as expected result should be like this only condition it should be using counter