Need help to do Re Arrange of existing Sheet in excel

Hi Team i would need your help to maybe create a custom activity to re-arrange my excel sheet

my excel sheet always random but it will always have a particular forms
exampl of my excle sheet :

  1. YTD
  2. 1_AB
  3. 3_AB
  4. 2_AB
  5. 0_AB
  6. 2_NC
  7. 0_NC
  8. 1_NC

and i would like to arrange it like :

  1. YTD(excel sheet with “YTD” in the word will alwyas be the first )
  2. 1_AB (follow up by the LEAST number and FIRST number found in order of A- Z)
  3. 2_AB (follow up by the same group as the previous one (AB)
  4. 3_AB
  5. 0_AB (Ended in number ZERO ‘0’ on the same group (AB)
  6. 1_NC (Continue on the next group after A - B - C etc. but always start again in the LEAST NUMBER MEANS IT CAN START FROM 2 IF 1 is not present )
  7. 2_NC (follow up in the same group (NC) but now on next number after the previous
  8. 0_NC (ended with number 0 )

REALLY NEED your help guys
thank you