Need Help to construct dynamic Document Object Model (DOM)

Hi All, I have a requirement to construct DOM (Document Object Model ) for my JSON file. My Json file have the extracted data fields. i need to construct DOM for that extracted fields.
Can anyone suggest me how can i achieve this.

@Gokul001 , @Yoichi Do you guys have any idea on this. If any leads please share with me. It will be helpful.

@Anil_G , @ppr

Hi @Konrad_Mierzwa by using Deserialize json activity it is returning me null value.

I’m trying to convert my Json text into this datatype UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts.Taxonomy.DocumentTaxonomy


Please check this I believe this is what you are looking for


Hi @Anil_G i have some extracted text in my Json file i want to convert that into DOM format. But when i follow that above topic format it is throwing me an error in Deserialize activity only.


Can you validate your json first if it is proper…If yes then can you share it please…Ideally you should get a JObject which you can then convert type


@Anil_G it is not allowing me to upload file


Try like this



I’m getting below error



A Taxonomy json file will geenrally contain there details…May I know how did you get the json?


@Anil_G From Azure Language Studio

Check this solution How to send API call to Azure Language studio - #4 by marian.platonov


So you want to convert the Azure related input file to a taxonomy on UI Path?

If that is the case I don’t this you can directly convert it


Hi @Anil_G actually i’m getting JSON input from Azure based on that input i need to construct a DOM file. This DOM file i want to use it instead of **DIGITISE DOCUMENT ** activity in Document understanding.
I want to replace that DIGITISE DOCUMENT activity completely with this Dynamically constructed DOM variable.