Need Help Reducing Processing Time for Splitting and Merging PDFs by Account Number in UiPath

I’m automating a process with UiPath that involves splitting a report PDF by account numbers and subsequently merging pages related to the same account. Currently, the entire operation takes approximately 40 minutes, which seems excessive.

The workflow involves:

  • Checking if the PDF exists.
  • Extracting text from each page.
  • Using regex to identify and extract account numbers and program dates.
  • Storing data in a DataTable and a dictionary(for program dates).
  • Merging pages with matching account numbers and cleaning up the originals.

Could anyone suggest optimizations or adjustments to improve the efficiency of this workflow? Specific challenges include handling large files and complex regex operations efficiently.??

Hi @samantha_shah have a look at this…
Document Understanding: Document Splitting and Other Wonderful Stories :slight_smile: - Help / Document Understanding - UiPath Community Forum