Need help for below Workflow

  1. Open a browser, go to
  2. Search for [search_topic]
  3. Scrape the title names of the first 5 results
  4. Store the output in a data table
  5. Open Notepad, write the contents of the data table variable into Notepad

If any blank value comes it considers the blank value as well and prints the remaining 3 results. (Varies with different search)

Hi @Dimple_Mandal ,

Try below workflow.
Main.xaml (20.9 KB)

@Dimple_Mandal Is this worked for you ?

No, it didn’t, After the browser opens, it hangs there.

For the below Query

I have never worked on LINQ queries, can you use normal code here

You have to improve it accordingly as i have just created skeleton not the whole task.
It was just idea how to start with

Yes, i will try to change that linq if you want.


Ohkkk, thankyou, it will be great if you can provide a different query.

@Dimple_Mandal , this is only and the best way to get 5 items.

Is it causing any issue ?

I have never worked on LINQ queries, so I was asking :frowning:

I understand but it’s not that complex.


It is Reading DataTable As Enumerable and taking 5 and then converting back to data table by using CopyToDataTable.

Get your hands dirty only then you can learn new things :slightly_smiling_face:

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yes, was trying to learn LINQ queries since few days. Thankyou so much for you help. Now trying to get my code run. Will update once I am done.

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Can you mark it as a solution if this worked for you.


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