Need details on intelligent form extraction results and corresponding confidence score

Can someone clarify below please:

  1. How can I get intelligent form extraction results and corresponding confidence score (for each field) into a variable and also, print using message box?
    Currently I am seeing these values on present validation station screen but not sure how to get them in variables.

  2. On Configure Extractor screen minimum confidence % is at document level. Is there a way to set this at field level?

  3. For unattended mode - Is there any way to bypass buckets (storage details) and use local drive?

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ExtractionResults.ResultsDocument.Fields.FirstOrDefault(Function(i As ResultsDataPoint) i.FieldName).Values(0).Value

ExtractionResults.ResultsDocument.Fields.FirstOrDefault(Function(i As ResultsDataPoint) i.FieldName).Values(0).Confidence

Are these queries what you are looking for?

Hi @murali.yk

You can achive the extracted results by using the activity called "Export Extraction Result "
And all the output results are in the form of Dataset.
There is a property called “Include Confidence” where the output Dataset will include.

Please have a look if you have any doubts.


@bzural @suraj.setty
Thanks for responding. I could get the extracted value :slight_smile:
However, I am getting ‘1’ (I am assuming it means 100%) as output for confidence level though the field level shows 97% Confidence Level on present validation station. I believe this 1 is for the whole page. How do I get field level confidence level? PFA screenshot.

I tried this:
validated_results.ResultsDocument.Fields.First(Function(i As ResultsDataPoint) i.FieldName = “Entity").Values(0).Value

Yes, exactly when you will try to get confidence level from extracted data, it will be always between 0 and 1.

Additionally, you have tried:
validated_results.ResultsDocument.Fields.First(Function(i As ResultsDataPoint) i.FieldName = “Entity").Values(0).Value

but it should be as the following to get the confidence level:
validated_results.ResultsDocument.Fields.First(Function(i As ResultsDataPoint) i.FieldName = “Entity").Values(0).Confidence

Thanks for your response. Is there any work around or alternative to get confidence level for each field (rather than just 0 or 1) as it is which is shown on present validation screen?

Also, any suggestions on below query :slight_smile:

  1. For unattended mode - Is there any way to bypass buckets (storage details) and use local drive?

Hi Murali, You can get the exact confidence level before using the Present Validation Screen. As all data output from Validation Station will be automatically updated to 1.
For unattended mode, I don’t believe there is a way to bypass storage bucket details.

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Exactly I wanna share a video, if you have time, you can take a look at it:

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@bzural @Thong_Mai_Tr_ng_Hoang
Thanks a lot. I am able to extract to confidence score now.

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