Need assist with python

Hi Dear team,
I am looking for a solution where I am hanging. Please assist me to run python script.
I want to draw a circle using pyhton turtle. Its running fine using python ide but when i try to run it via UiPath it’s throwing error. “Pipe is broken. IO exception”

here is my code:

import sys
import os
import turtle

skk = turtle.Turtle()

for i in range(4):


Please help me to run the script using UiPath. I believe I will get solution from here.

Note: File create program will run properly.


Hi @lisa_R
Please try the below code.

Python Code:

import turtle
t = turtle.Turtle()
set the turtle’s speed
draw a circle with a radius of 50

Hi @Kaviyarasu_N ,
Thanks’ your quick feedback.
Getting this error. My code was running by pycharm not by UiPath.