Need an example and suggesions Queues

Hi All,

Can any one give a sample example (.xaml )on queues ? we are going to implement a project using queues to increase a Bot performance , it is a webbased data entry which may have thousands of records to enter. We also want to integrate our project with database

Hi Raju,

I would recommend you to attend the Orchestrator training, it’s for 2016.2 but you’ll get the ideea and same applies for 2017.1 Orchestrator. The Queue functionality is explained starting at 28:40.

Also, see the attached two projects as example:


Great … :slight_smile: thank you… I will go through sessions n thanks again for samples…

I was looking something like this.I could not able to attend the Orchestrator training, because I need to finish Level 1 training(according to the

I am attending level 1 training for 1 week (1 hour each day). Being an experienced person in uipath with my current requirements in queues should I keep on attend training level1.
Totally frustrated.