Need a sample medium to large size project

I’m new to UiPath, I have completed the self learnings provided by UiPath. I’m in a confusion in developing a project in sequential manner.
Can anyone please help me with a sample medium size to large size project file for my reference.

I would like to see sample end to end project

Hi @Ganga_Reddy2 ,

U can try UiPath challenge


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You can go through all the advent challenges to start with…where you would see what to do and different approaches used with xamls


Hi @Ganga_Reddy2

check out the below project
RPA (174.3 KB)

The below is the website automated

Hope it helps!!

Hi @Parvathy

Thank you for the project file. This helped me for some extent but I’m looking for something where multiple sequences, web application, databases and other sources involved in the project file.
If you have anything similar to above please forward me.


I tried all those but those are like a bit to bit challenges. I would like to refer a project file were everything is involved in it. A complex project where it has many things involved in it.

Trying to see whether I can get much info from that link.



There are so many challenges and each challenge was done by multipel people…so you can try doing and verify as well and see different approaches also