Naming the column directly in excel sheet

Hi. Need some help. I’m working with an excel file using Excel application scope. Inserted new column using insert/delete columns activity. Now I want to add a column name to this newly added column. How to do that?

Note that I don’t want to take it to a data table. I want to name the column directly in excel file

Hi @Surya_Narayana_Korivipadu

Is the insert column provide you an property to add column name in it.


No. It’s not providing any such property

Is this the activity you are using,

No. I’m not using this activity. This one can insert only inside a table in excel. right? I don’t have any tables in my excel. I’m directly writing data to cells inside excel

I’m using insert/delete columns activity under excel processing activities. However found the solution to convert column position to columnName in this link:

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