Mysql ODBC don't appear in uipath



I install the MYSQL ODBC and configure it correctly but when I configure the connection in uipath it does not appear in the list

Can uipath work with database like MySQL or Oracle SQL Developer


Use this to Connect ODBC Server…


Hi @Poovarasan2,

In Connection string, what i will write ?


Don’t Use Connection String…

Create DataTable In ODBC Data Source, It will show the list of Data Table name in Data Source name List box…


Hi @Poovarasan2,

I installed Oracle SQL Developer in my PC. How to configure it in UIPath.


uipath still don’t recognize the mysql odbc 5.3 x64 of mysql


Did you mean x86? Can you try with 32-bit version?


because the s.o is x86-64 and the database is x86-64 64bits


uipath works with x86 32 bits drivers


Solved then I guess?

Thanks for checking :+1: