MyGet service outage causes dependency download issues for Robots and Studio users


Automations running on Studio and Robot with MyGet feed configured might experience an impact as follows:

  • robot installations running processes for the first time without having the activity packages & libraries cached locally or using an internal feed as a backup will fail

  • new Studio developments using new packages & libraries which aren’t already cached locally will fail

MyGet feed was the default for Studio/Robot versions 2022.4 and older.
MyGet is an independent service provider, not an UiPath product, so we are not responsible for the disruption of service or restoring it. The provided solution is meant to restore the functionality of the Robot or Studio.

Mitigation steps

To mitigate the issue, the following official UiPath feed should be used as the activities package source.

In Studio, you can replace the link for the feed named “Official” with the above link (see documentation here)

For the Robot, you can change the value of the official feed from the nuget.config file (see documentation here)


The default feeds are read-only and cannot be modified from Studio; the field is greyed out. Nuget.Config only lists the user-defined packages and does not include the Default Package Sources. How can I make this change? Do I just need to add this URL as a new source? The broken myGet feed is causing significant slowdown on all of our robot executions as each has to timeout on myget for each dependency in each worklow.

update - I tried adding this feed as a new feed but got an error. We have an existing default feed “Orchestrator Host” that I also cannot modify which uses the exact same URL.

What we did to fix this was the following:

  1. On the robot-server in question
  2. Go to folder C:\Program Files\UiPath\Studio (or your install folder).
  3. Open NuGet.config in Notepad or Notepad++.
  4. Edit the file so it looks like this (your file might look a bit differernt):
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <!-- Add this repository to the list of available repositories -->
    <add key="Local" value=".\Packages" />
    <add key="Official" value="" />
    <add key="Go!" value="" />
    <add key="signatureValidationMode" value="accept" />

The important part here is the line which says key=“Official”. Replace the Myget-url with the pkgs-url.
5. Save file.
6. Probably best to reboot server.
7. Finito.

Hope this helps someone.


@loginerror , for this solution, what’s the go-forward plan with this new repository? Will this still be a valid endpoint for Official packages even if the original server is repaired?

The use case is that we’re trying to figure out what we need to do for our prod and QA machines. For now, we’re updating Studio and the NuGet.config files on a need-to-update basis, but if this new endpoint will be the new permanent official server or if this server will be deprecated once the original server is up and running, we need to know.

Also, thank you for posting this solution.


That fixes the issue on a specific machine. Since we have dozens of VM’s with v2021.10, does it mean we have to apply that fix on all of them? :confused:


@Anthony_Humphries : Yeah that is what we had to do for about 10 VM’s. Not ideal, but at least things are working now. On newer installs (newer than 2022.4) this should not be an issue. On our most recent install we did not have to do this.


You need to close any UiPath Studio windows, go to C:\Program Files\UiPath\Studio\NuGet.config, and change the value of the Official feed from to

After, save the file as Administrator and restart Studio.

Starting with Studio/Robot/Assitant 2022.10, the new Official feed is set to


A while ago we have introduced the UiPath-owned feed that we set as the default in all new installations to secure ourselves from a potential of a third party outage.

Thus, using the above mentioned url feed is the way to go.

@loginerror @marian.platonov
Do we have any status with

We’re still having issue using and the UiPath CLI Integration to Azure DevOps on hosted machines. As it seems, the nuget feed are controlled by UiPath, and we can’t change it ourself. Correct me if i’m wrong.

This can be checked here:

That fixes the issue on a specific machine.