My studio pro says image not available on all activities that are used in script

How to view images on "Uipath studio x pro if they are not saved in .screenshot folder

Did u copy and paste the folder from one location to another?
this link gets disrupted and the image can not be found ,

yes my co worker was working and i think he didn`t copied correctly. is there any another way to see that image ?

did u take the back up? if so refer your back in same locaion,
Or copy and paste it to the same location
OR u can once again indicate the item on ur application for all activities(its tedious if u have too many activities)

I tried to lookup at my backup but didn`t find it.

Ok, i think you want to understand , which activity is clicked .
Then selectors can help you, you can try to identify which activity is being clicked, so this may help you.
later u can indicate on same element .

you got it right!! i want to know which image has been captured on that activity because now it says image not available. i have tried to select option called open image in UI explorer but that didn`t worked

share the screenshot , without seeing cant figure out