Multiple values in SQL for Execute Query to excel

Hi I have got a problem with Execute Query activity. sometimes I got more than 1 values to search in SQL and then write in Excel.
with 1 value seems it works for me but with more than 1 values, it doesnt work. my excel shows nothing in there. Im assuming the code needs to change in here?
Eg in SQL - select street_no, phone_no from data where phone_no in (‘12345’, ‘A-2345’, ‘34567’)
but how do I write it in UiPath?
I got “select street_no, phone_no from data where phone_no in ('” + phone_no + “'”)


In phoneNo string, join the strings like this


If they are in a list then String.Join(“‘,’”,Yourlist)


I got that Write Line String.Join(“‘,’”,Yourlist) then Execute Query → Write Range
But not sure what to write in Execute Query


you will write this

"select street_no, phone_no from data where phone_no in ('" + String.Join("','",Yourlist) + "')"


FileNames = String.Join(“,”,TxtFileName) → Write Line String.Join(“,”,TxtFileName).Split(“_“c).last → Execute Query “select street_no, phone_no from data where phone_no in ('” + String.Join(”‘,’”.TxtFileName) + “')”

With the error message TxtFileName is not a member of ‘String’.

FileName i declared it as String
TxtFileName declared as System.Collections.Generic.List<System.String>

did I put the wrong variable?


You gave .txtfilename please remove dot and give comma

My mistake even i gave a dot extra


Thanks. but now received the below error message

Why sometimes when running Execute Query shows Execute Query: Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.
Sometimes I set Connect Timeout=5000 somestimes Connect Timeout=50000
so sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt work?


For big queries it takes more time some times or if the connection is slow it might happen…just give more timeout to check and alternately add a retry scope so that even if it fails because of connection issues it retries


Thanks heaps!!! your awesome!!!

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