Multiple Assisgn Activity in Uipath

Got this error →
Multiple Assign: Can not assign ‘Convert.ToInt32(CurrentRow(“Surface area”).ToString)’ to ‘Con_Details.Surfacearea’.

If Surfacearea is a field declared as a number, you don’t have to convert “Surface area” to a String data type. I can figure out, this could be the problem, at assigning different data types. In this case, it can throw an error.
Second, you cannot assign a value to a function. In left operand it is a Conversion function. It must be first created a variable to assign that value
The column name should be “C”, maybe that column has not to be called “Surface area”.
You can use the following expression:


Please see the next picture:

Hope it helps. Best regards, Adrian

Hi @Sukanya_Dutta

Try like this below expressions

Cint (CurrentRow(“Surface area”).ToString)