Multipage pdf extraction

Hello Community!!
I am an absolute beginner into UI path. Actually I have a pdf of multiple pages that contains different kind of fields. My goal is to extract the fields with their values and make a json file with it.
So I would want your suggestions how it could be done in best possible way with 100 percent accurac during Extraction. I am pinging the pdf right here. please help me out
rcv_adv_ibm.pdf (30.9 KB)
As you can see the pages in the pdf are not exactly similar so i don’t know whether it is possible to extract it or not. I want to have a field suppose that GITN number …I want to extract every value of this field from every page of the pdf.
Over to you Community!!
Thank you

You can use Uipath Document Understanding to read the pdf data, and once you have all the data you can process it as per your logics.

Pasting Doc understanding courses link below if you need to refer.