MS Excel - Australian date format for future date check

Hi all,

I currently have a bot whereby I want to check invoice dates to see if there are future dates.

When I read the excel file into a DT it’s converting the date to US format. Also, when I tick the preserveformat checkbox, it brings back exactly what is in the cell, which unfortunately is “#'s” due to the cell not being wide enough.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Would this help?

I’d get a similar issue, with the automatic conversion of datetime, and I had to do it in this manner too (but with a DT you might have to change each value in a ForEach loop I think).

Please provide more information on your post [what is this Australian Date format? Do you want to change the format in the date column itself or do you want to change it when you use it somewhere, say when entering it on some text field expecting a date value in Australian format? ] or just attach the excel file and your workflow.