Moving outlook mail to a specific folder


I am trying to move a specific mail from person to my folder Demo from Inbox folder using Move Outlook Mail Message but i am not bale to do that.
Can anyone please help me in this.

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Hello there,
If it’s under inbox then you need to pass like this
"Inbox\Demo" in move outloook mail message property.

Hi it is not under inbox i have created it separetly not under inbox

Oh then just “Demo” should work.
It works for me.
Are you having shared mail? or multiple user configured in the outlook?


shall i forward my workflow

It’s a basic workflow i don’t think its necessary ,by looking at screenshot all looks good. :wink:
Anyways please attach let me see its works if i run your code.

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Since you’re trying to move a MailMessage type instead of a string type, try removing .ToString. I did verify moving to a file outside of the Inbox (i.e. “Demo”) works.

Main.xaml (8.3 KB)

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Please find the attachment.


i have also removed .To string also but still it is not working please take a look into my workflow

Hello there,
Silly mistake :stuck_out_tongue: .you marked node in reverse direction :rofl:
Try to draw in downwards .

awesome thank you so much

i need one small help can you give me an idea so that i can do that

Just delete the connector and redraw in the correct direction.

Yes thanks its working a lot i need a small idea in one more thing can you help me out so taht i can proceed ahead with that work


i have to find the version of my antivirus and then i need to search that in google if i get any updated version of that i have to download and install that.
i am able to take out version number from control panel but after that i am thinking wht should i do next.
if you can give me any idea i will be thankful to you.

Hello there,
There is other way arround doing it but if you wanna go with your way then follow these steps.
Once you get the version

  • Use open browser activity pass the url (
  • Use typeinto and pass the text along with version obtained.
  • Most probably first link will give you the result use hotkeys down/enter etc to get result.
  • Then use scrape the result from the home page compare with existing version if same close browser if not click on download.

PS: doesn’t antivirus has auto update feature or if you subscribe you do get mail and link to download and there are other option to.


Thanks for your reply.
i have extracted both the version and both the version are Generic as 5.37.6309 i want this to convert into decimal so that i can use it but i am not able to convert it into double for comparing purpose.