Moving folder and sub folders that contain files to new location

Hi Guys

I reliase this quesion has been riased before but a viable solution has not been made yet. I am wondering if somone could help. So I am trying to move a folder that contains sub folders which has files to new location.

Solution I have seen so far is using the move method to move the folder. But this method does not move the folder. It simply moves the files within the folder and then create a new folder to move the files into that folder.

Also I seen using the move file activity. But this does not move the folders.

Can someone please help.


There are quite a few activities on Go! that will definitely help you in solving this problem. Please take a look:

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@bobby you can use invoke method activity to move.

Hello @bobby
You can use Copy Directory Method and invoking this method using Invoke Method Activity
Check this workflow for better understanding
CopyFiles.xaml (4.9 KB)

i use this move invoke method