Move row from one spreadsheet to another

Hi all

Sorry, I have just started my RPA journey of RPA, so still quite a noob.

I am trying to move (cut and paste) a number of rows from one spreadsheet to another. So far, what I have used are “Copy Selected Text, Send hotkey (right), send hotkey (home), send hotkey down)” and then use Do While to loop.

While it does work to an extent, I would like the loop to stop where the row has no entry and not based on a condition e.g. where count > 10. Sometimes, I would only have 2 rows with record.

Like to seek your advice or whether there is a better way of doing it.

Thank you!

Hello @rainyguy , Welcome to UiPath Community.
You can use the read range activity to read the particular data from one sheet and use write range activity to write that data in another sheet.
Refer to this video you may get some idea.

hi @rainyguy ,
you can use read range activity and get as datatable and use write range activity to write the data into another sheet.


Thank you both, i will play around with these activities. :slight_smile: