Move on the next excel sheet if value or match not found

Dear All,

I have 2 excel Files, one File has payment date and transaction of the customer who has done double payment. second File 2 has 12 different sheets of all month payments details.

I want to search the transaction from the File 1 , in All the sheets of file 2.

what want to achieve is - if transaction number is available then pick the Date , if not then go to next sheet using same Data_table and search for same transaction, so on.

Please help


Hi Hitesh,

If your sheets are numbered, you can use a Read Range activity inside a While activity to loop through each sheet in your workbook. Otherwise, if there is a fixed number of sheets, you can use multiple Read Range activities and merge your datatables. Can provide more detail if you post your workflows.


  1. Fetch the datatable in File1
  2. For file2, in excel application scope declare workbook in properties. Then use for each activity(workbook.sheets). Inside the loop Use Merge data table.
  3. Use for each in data table of file1 and use select statement. Eg:"[TxnNo]=’"+ row (0).tostring’) :grinning:
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