Move files with a specific Name


I searched a lot in the topics, but i didnt reach the solution.
I have a lot of FILES (named A1,A2…A10 and B1,B2…B10) in a FOLDER, but i’d like to move only the fils that contain a specific Names (A).
Can you tell me the workflow and the variables(also with the scope and the type?) i have to use?

Thank you all.

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Use the filter option while getting the list of files.

arrayFileList[] = Directory.GetFiles(folderPath,"A*.*)

Will return all the files starts with ‘A’.

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StrFiles [ ] = Directory.GetFiles(“FolderPath”,“A*.*”)

The above one will give all files with starting with A.Then use For Each loop to itreate that array and inside use Move file Activity to move one by one files to other folder.


Guys these are the files, I have a lot of files starting with “FISCALIT” (sometimes they end with A’, sometimes with A), and i like only the files that start with “FISCALIT”

This is the workflow that you suggested

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These are the properties of the Move file

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This is the error that i dont understand

Sorry for the multiposting, but i am a new user and can upload only one photo


Goto Move File Activity properties, specify From path as item but not “C:\Users…” blah blah… then it should work.

If you face any issues then let me know.

Hi @TrailBlazer

I have created workflow based on your requirement before run this workflow please change
Move File Activity property Destination path. (12.7 KB)

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the path change to item.tostring then it should be fine