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Hello i have a robot that gets name of a newly created folder to be used later on.

I also want to perform a movement of a file to that folder.How can i do this ?

Currently its checking for the newest created folder -> getting that name of the folder and assiging it as a string to be used in other action. I want to move a file to that newest created folder so would need to transform that string into a directory path

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Use Move File Activity,

In the destination property pass your newly created folder name + filename.

that dont work. The file its dissapearing. Because the extracted name its just a name and not a path

Yes once after getting the folder name as a string variable named str_folderName

Use a MOVE FILE activity and mention the Path property with source filepath and in Destination path mention as “Yourfolderpath\”+str_foldername.ToString

Cheers @langsem

@langsem…Hello…Please follow below steps and you should be able to the file to the target folder.

  1. Create a variable, say, “TargetFolderName” and store the full path (as a string) of the folder where you want to move the file to.

  2. Create another variable, say, “CurrentFilePath” and store the full path of the file (as a string) including the file name.

  3. Create another variable, say, “CurrentFile” as below.

CurrentFile = CurrentFilePath.Substring(CurrentFilePath.LastIndexOf("\"))

  1. Use the ‘Move File’ activity as below.


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