Move file with same name diff extensn

Guys…I have an xlsx.file and on pdf.file both with the same name…

Now how can I Use Move file activity coz we have to give to filepath of the file to be moved…

I want it to pick both the xlsx.file and the same time to move…

kindly help

Try Directory.GetFiles(“Source Path”, “.*”) and loop through the list and move file.

you mean to say… in the filepath i have to update like this—( Directory.Getfiles(“C\User\A”,".*") correct?

hi, @ShreyaSharma
Please find the below file. (31.5 KB)

yes. First argument is directory path and second is pattern to select files within it.

hi @ShreyaSharma
If you are already aware of the complete file path(i.e Root directory + “” + Filename.File extension) then you can use it in the ‘Path’ property of ‘Move File’ activity without the use of ‘Directory.GetFiles()’ method and getting the names of all available files in the folder.

Can you give us more details regarding what problems you are facing exactly.