Move File | error with max. characters of file name

Hi all,

I have files which I would like to move, but some files have more characters then 260. In this case I get the following error


Is there anything I can do about it?

Thank you & BR

Hi @Markus3003
Try out this syntax
first find the length of thr string
If length >260
Rename the particular file
Then move the particular file


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I believe you have only 2 options to go for:

  1. Change folder structure. For e.g. from C:\Long path\Really long path\Really really long path\OutputFile.xlsx to C:\Long Path\OutputFile.xlsx

  2. Map a new drive with most common path e.g. Z drive having path of C:\Long path\Really long path so that file path would be Z:\Really really long path\OutputFile.xlsx

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You can save it UiPath project folder and then move it to trg folder**

** you can not use the path beyond the limitation of win

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Thank you guys,

but the problem is not the length of the path its the length of the file name (pdf).

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Have a view on this thread
Hope this would help you resolve this issue

Cheers @Markus3003

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in this case you can opt for 2nd method i.e. mapping new drive with maximum common path possible

@Markus3003 there is a solution for this when it is a path not to worry. I am unsure when it is a file name itself which is long.

We can wait for @otico s answer. I can’t remember the solution clearly, can you share it here?

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Hi @Markus3003,

Have you tried the following solutions?

Example on how to use SUBST:

Like for example if the original long path is something like this: C:\Very Long Folder Path\Filename.pdf

SUBST W: C:\Very Long Folder Path

Now to move the file using Move File activity, and then you can set the input path to W:\Filename.pdf

To disable the SUBST command you can run SUBST W: /D

You can find the instruction on how to use the SUBST command from this link: DOS Command: SUBST

-John Michael


Hi @otico,

first of all thank you for your answer.

I tried Alternative 1: I did it like described, also rebooted the computer.


But I still get the same error in uipath.

With Alternative 2 i do not really know how it works :confused:

I found at least the “invoke powershell activity” but I dont really know what to put there.


Thank you anyway.

Best Markus

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