Mount Path Not Exposed For NFS Server

Resolution when Automation Suite installer fails with: "Mount Path not exposed for nfs server"

Issue Description: Automation Suite installer fails with: Mount Path not exposed for NFS server.

Root Cause: This error means that the the NFS server is reachable (there is a pre-req check before this step to to verify that) but that the specified file path is not available.


  1. The installer will through this error when the following command failes
    1. mount -t nfs <NFS endpoint>:<NFS mounting dir> <local mount path>
    2. <NFS endpoint> corresponds to the NFS IP or DNS. For 22.4 and below this is defined in the backup.json as the NFS endpoint (backup.nfs.endpoint)
    3. <NFS mounting dir> corresponds to the directory from the NFS endpoint to be mounted. For 22.4 and below this is defined in the backup.json as the mount point (backup.json.mountpath)
    4. <local mount path> corresponds to the directory on the localhost. The script generates this and its value by default is /mnt/backup
  2. This error will most likely occur when using an existing NFS server.
  3. If this is a new NFS, set the <NFS mounting dir> to '/'. Or if preferred, create the directory name by following the below steps.
  4. When this error is encountered, the correct NFS mounting dir needs to be created. These are steps that can be used to do that. This commands should be ran on a server with access to the NFS server.
    1. mkdir -p /mnt/tmp
    2. mount -t nfs <NFS endpoint>:/ /mnt/tmp
    3. Once it is mounted, either query the mount point for the correct name or make the name that is needed.
      • To see the directories on the mount point, run: ls -lrt /mnt/tmp
      • To make the needed directory at the root level run: mkdir /mnt/tmp/<directory name>
        • i.e. mkdir /mnt/tmp/asbackup
    4. To unmount the directory run: umount /mnt/tmp
  5. Once the directory is created or the proper path is determined run the following commands to verify that the <NFS mounting dir> is not mountable
    1. mount -t nfs <NFS endpoint>:<NFS mounting dir> /mnt/tmp
    2. umount /mnt/tmp
    3. Re-run the backup configuration script.
  6. If the mount command fails, capture the error and raise a UiPath Support ticket.