More robust selector syntax

I’m experiencing problems with selectors when migrating projects.

Every time I move a project from one folder to another or between laptops (not even developing environments) the selector - as it’s defined in the click activity box - stops working.

I need to rebuild it with UIExplorer, it outputs the same syntax and then I’m able to make it working again.

I’m looking for a road to build more robust selectors and I’ve some questions about that:

  • Which kind of language is used inside the selector box? And there’s a reference in which a professional can learn about all the useful tags and properties?
  • Is there a better way to use variables inside of selector code snippet box, instead of typing it manually from the right sidebar box?
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Hi @ogourari

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They are actually a XML fragments with each line as nodes and each value with its attributes, to know about the different tags and attributes available kindly have a view on this buddy

The best way to pass the variable to selectors is mentioning the variable in the selector and pass them as string rather changing them in selector expression in select wizard…for mor info kindly have a view on this

cheers @ogourari

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