Months in Dutch

Can someone help me getting the months in the Dutch language.
I converted the date to dd-MMMM-yyyy so i am getting like 1-May-2019 but i need the Dutch month name not the English one.Main.xaml (26.2 KB)

Hi @438654,

You can use cultureInfo to print the month in the language of your choise:


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the month still prints in English. I used startdatum.ToString(“dd-MMMM-yyyy”,cultureinfo_dutch) any idea how this is possible? startdatum is my variable and is an GenericValue.

hi @438654,

you have to use datetime variable not the generic value.
can you change your generic value as datetime in datatype section as shown in image. and then use like

or if you want to use generic value use below…

and you convert like this

output is


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The reason that it is Generic is because the date is coming from an Excel file

still you can use my method which i mentioned

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