Mongodb connection with Uipath


Is there any possible way to connect with Mongodb using UiPath.

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Sushree Suravi Bhuyan

We don’t have an activity pack dedicated to work with MongoDB, but you can create your own and plug it into UiPath. Here( you can find a library that allows MongoDB interaction from a C# library.

You need to develop a custom C# assembly that implements activities for each action you want to perform, afterwards, pack both your assembly and the MongoDB driver dll into a NuGet activity pack and plug it into UiPath Studio following the instructions here.


@Priya_Dubey Do we still not have any dedicated activity pack for it ?

Incase someone lands on this page for answer:

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hello, the Invoke code errors out with CS1002, how can I fix it

Please make sure end coding each line with “;”

Compiler Error CS1002 stands for “; expected”.

The compiler detected a missing semicolon. A semicolon is required at the end of every statement in C#. A statement may span more than one line.

[Compiler Error CS1002 | Microsoft Learn]

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